BoneCP is a fast, free, open-source, Java database connection pool (JDBC Pool) library. If you are familiar with C3P0 and DBCP then you already know what this means. For the rest, this is a library that will manage a database connection for you to get faster database access in your application.


Why write another alternative to C3P0/DBCP?

Take a look at the benchmark section by clicking here. BoneCP is fast! For some tests, it's almost 25 times faster than the next fastest connection pool option, not to mention that BoneCP never spin-locks so it won't slow down your application. Don't take our word for it though, checkout the features or download the code and run the provided benchmark test yourself.


Who uses BoneCP? Is it a toy project?

This being open-source software, tracking who actually uses the library is next to impossible. However, as of March 2010, it is in active use in at least 3 different enterprise packages, one of which being a mission-critical financial application with millions of transactions being processed every year. It has also been successfully integrated with persistence products such Hibernate and DataNucleus. With over 180 unit tests, 100% unit test coverage is delivered but no warranty is provided, either expressly or implied.

Help and support

Found an issue? Report a bug or submit a patch. Git pulls are preferred but any format that is convenient to you is acceptable (email, forum post, bug report, snail mail, ...). Support this project by donating any amount by using the link below.


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